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Discussion: Grassroots

OPINION about Discussion:

The email you were sent seems along the lines of an email I received from someone criticizing a group of us for being fixated on election integrity and ignoring the truly important issues. Turns out she's a Holly/Wayne Williams crony. So it looks like the DORC's are into disinformation campaigns. 

anyway, Todd Watkins, Dave Williams, Peter Lupia, and Ron Hanks are, IMO, the candidates we need. The linked article about the division in the GOP has Lois Landgraf right in the middle of it with Kay Rendleman, Wayne Williams, & Chuck Broerman, etc. (… has the picture). Those four have not been "promoted" by Vicki. Vicki has not endorsed anyone. I, on the other hand, will endorse Vicki. I think she's pretty awesome and takes TONS of abuse from the DORCs (dem operatives in the republican camp). Those four are definitely part of the movement pushing DORC's out though. I have no understanding of what they hate about Vicki, although I recall her saying that she was running unopposed until she made going after Dominion a priority. If someone has a problem with Vicki, they just have a problem. 

There is nothing wrong with being established as a long-time Republican. "the establishment" is something different...maybe they're just a continuation of the Whigs who only became R's to capitalize on the popularity of the R party.

OPINION about Discussion:

Can we reunite? 

Have we been victims in an abusive relationship for a long time now without knowing? 

What exactly is wrong with the establishment?

Can you have a long history in the GOP, but not be establishment?   How can you tell?

OPINION about Discussion:

There seems to be a lot of division within the El Paso County GOP party. Who is causing that division? Those that want change? Or those that don’t want change?

These are only opinions. Please take them or leave them.
We hope that the group can get feedback to make or change our minds and fill in the gaps.
It's the things in peoples hearts, words spoken in private, and gas lighting that can be difficult to discern.