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Discussion: Patriot Movement

OPINION about Discussion:

I hope with this discussion does not divide us, but rather gives us an opportunity to debunk false claims and/or share our concerns.

OPINION about Discussion:

This discussion started based on opinions from http://www.join-liberty.com/co-governor/#danielle-neuschwanger

OPINION about Discussion:

I am a little more cynical than you.  : )

Many people will make innuendos to discredit a candidate, assuming that if their statement is not challenged they will have successfully dissuaded those readers who are not willing to do their own research and make up their own mind accordingly.

In this case the commenter did not make any specific charges against General Flynn, but instead made a sweeping statement that Flynn might be a cause for concern.  Why?

And as I plainly stated, I cannot imagine why a true patriot would have any concerns with Flynn.  He is a hero as far as I am concerned.  He is sacrificing much of his time and energy helping us to wake up and get involved, to take down the communists amongst us, who are brainwashing our children with Marxist doctrine, racism and hate in general.

Statements such as “General Flynn’s endorsement statement lacks substance” is a fair thing to say.  It is an opinion, and as a voter I can read his endorsement and see if I agree with that comment.  As I told you originally, Danielle’s experience in politics is a concern.  However, after reading her bio and learning of General Flynn’s endorsement, I am going to give her the benefit of the doubt.  I’ll also look at comments on the other candidates and see who I should do research on, see if they are true patriots and are also more likely to beat Polis.

OPINION about Discussion:

When I read the comments, I don't see them as anti-Flynn.  I see them more as cautious and probing. 

OPINION about Discussion:

I like an awful lot of what General Flynn and other sited below have to say. I applaud Flynn leading you and many others to action. For that, for you, and for the others taking action I am grateful. Yet most of the people below are entangled in things that cast shadows of doubt on their motivations that go beyond the list below. I believe I avoided all the sensational, left wing narrative critiques in the samples.

I don't expect anybody to sit through all the videos below. But they are there if you are interested. I hadn't been saving links so I have to go searching off of memory. There were a few more that I recall watching that I could not find.

I don't endorse the critics that authored some of these videos either. But I think that it can open our eyes to the discussion of what may be. Where else should we be looking?

Who can you trust? We won't find anybody that is perfect. Can't we, at the same time, praise the good and condemn the bad of any of these people?

Clay Clark has 10's of hours with Lin Wood Fireside Chats- at least 23 episodes between 1.5 - 3+ hours long. Now the Clark and Flynn are still together and Lin Wood is no longer a guest on Clay's show or appearing at rallies.

At one point you could not mention Gen Flynn without including Lin Wood and vice versa. As that relationship broke down... who's the tacky kook?

General Flynn's occultic prayer in a church. 7 rays of light? Elizabeth Clare Prophet.




I Hate to Break it to You Folks, But Lynn Wood is a Tacky Kook


Patrick Byrne Called Lin Wood and WOW! - PART 1


Patrick Byrne Called Lin Wood and WOW! - PART 2


Patrick Byrne Called Lin Wood and WOW! - PART 3


Sydney Powell. Fall from grace and accused of taking large amounts of money or something like that among other things. I believe quietly she's been exonerated from some if not all of the Patrick Byrne allegations. I didn't dig into that.

Ron Desantis despite all the amazing rhetoric coming from Florida signed a bill that has language that may suprise you.




I couldn't find the video I recall watching where Michael Jaco was commenting on something like "the conservative Boulder School Board having victories in Colorado." What? I think it may have been this one, but it was taken down. Regardless, I take Michael Jaco with a grain of salt.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxS3XEXje-A #JuanOSavin#MichealJaco#News JUAN O'SAVIN AND MICHEAL JACO | Boulder, Colorado school board | November 09, 2021 JUAN O'SAVIN AND MICHEAL JACO | Boulder, ...

OPINION about Discussion:

I cannot understand why a Patriot would have any issues with General Mike Flynn.  You do realize that our Constitutional Republic’s survival is at stake?  General Flynn has been working tirelessly to help us as we try to get our country back from the Deep State operatives / Globalists that want to turn our country into a third-world serfdom under tyrannical world government rule.  He is the one who encouraged me to become politically active, as he preaches to everyone “local action leads to national impact” and he admonishes us to get involved in local school boards, precinct leadership, vote monitoring, etc.  He is one of many leaders working with Clay Clark to get the truth directly to Americans with the “Reawaken America Tour”. General Flynn was framed and incarcerated by Deep State operatives in 2017 simply because he was aligned with President Trump and was calling out lawlessness in our intelligence agencies.


OPINION about Discussion:

Endorsed by Seth Keshel (for whatever that is worth). Doesn’t weigh much with me. And somebody said she is endorsed by Gen Flynn. That may not be a good thing and if you don’t know why, I challenge you to do more research.

These are only opinions. Please take them or leave them.
We hope that the group can get feedback to make or change our minds and fill in the gaps.
It's the things in peoples hearts, words spoken in private, and gas lighting that can be difficult to discern.