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Discussion: Redistricting

OPINION about Discussion:

I just spoke with Stacy from the County Clerk & Recorder's office about an apparent discrepancy between what the online district map (for State Senate District) says and what our Precinct Number indicates.  

On the Secretary of State website (govoteColorado.gov) under "Find My Registration", I put in my information to pull up my voter registration information.  Under the County & District Information tab under the District Information heading is all of my information.  The number at the top of that list says "Precinct" and gives a number, 5352021448.  This number indicates I am in the following:

5 = Congressional district

35 = State senate district

20 = State house district

21 = County code

448 = Precinct number/code

Stacy said that the registration number was updated on January 29, 2022 (after the redistricting that was completed just a few months ago as a result of the 2020 census), and that any discrepancy between online district maps and this number indicates that the maps have not yet been updated.  If they are in conflict, we are to go by the Precinct Number.

She said to go to https://redistricting.colorado.gov/ for more information.  At that website (at the following link) I found the updated Senate map and, sure enough, El Paso County is split and the eastern portion of it is lumped in with the southeastern farming & ranching communities.  This does not make me happy.  Suburban Falcon has nothing in common with those areas of the state, and yet the Senator from District 35 will be representing all of us.  Those in Falcon will be a part of Senate District 35 & House District 20 until after the next census -- in 2030!


I bring this up because it means that those of us who live in Falcon will NOT be voting for Senator Lundeen from Senate District 9 during the County Assembly.  

I looked on my candidate sheet from Caucus and Senate District 35 IS up for re-election!  Candidates (as of March 1) were Kevin Conrad & Rodney Pelton. 

I spoke with a lady at the State GOP and she said that there are four multi-jurisdictional Senate districts (of which District 35 is one) and that they are all meeting for a SEPARATE Assembly to vote on their candidates.  That Assembly will be held at the Hilton Doubletree in Colorado Springs (1775 East Cheyenne Mountain Blvd., Colorado Springs, CO 80906) on Friday, April 8 at 1:30.  She said we should be receiving a call from our Senate District Chair to inform us about this Assembly soon (they just finished planning the Assembly yesterday).

Just wanted to pass this information along to you so that any others who are affected in the group can be forewarned.  I guess the bottom line is, go to your Precinct Number and verify what Senate District you are in so you can be prepared to vote in the proper election -- and so you know if you need to attend the special Assembly on April 8 or not.

These are only opinions. Please take them or leave them.
We hope that the group can get feedback to make or change our minds and fill in the gaps.
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