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What we can do: SB22-153

OPINION about What we can do:

Notices and affidavits are things politicians understand. This is to “remind” legislators of their oath to support and defend the Constitution. It is suggested that you send both an email (sample in the next opinion below) customized with your concerns as well as a notice. I believe you could attach the notice to your customized email or send it separately. The notice can be simply printed out and filled in. Be sure to include your name and county/city/state at the top. You can find a PDF version of a notice here http://www.join-liberty.com/attachments/The_Peoples_Notice_March_2022.pdf or if you prefer the Microsoft Word version http://www.join-liberty.com/attachments/The_Peoples_Notice_March_2022.docx

🔥 All the phone numbers for Colorado Senate/House members are available at the leg.colorado.gov links above.

OPINION about What we can do:

Here is the letter I sent to both Houses, both Democrats & Republicans.  Please DO NOT copy exactly what I said.  I suggest you come up with your own comments about these sections of the bill that are the biggest problem and replace my comments with yours.

Also, in the subject line put "Vote NO on SB22-153, Internal Elections Security Measures" -- in case they don't open it, they at least know how you want them to vote.

Also, if you DO go to the Capitol on Tuesday, 3/22/22, be sure to go to the Gallery of the Senate Chambers after the rally as the Senate will be presenting arguments on BOTH HB22-1279 (the horrible abortion bill) AND SB22-153 (the elections bill) on Tuesday morning.

Here is the letter I sent:

Dear Representative,

I am writing as a concerned Colorado citizen, respectfully asking that you vote NO on SB22-153.

This bill criminalizes speech by election officials that is critical of the administration of elections (Section 8).  It is the job of the County Clerk to ensure that elections in his County are secure.  How can he do his job if, should he find evidence of any fraudulent activity in an election, he is not allowed to say anything about it?  And, if he does, he will be criminally penalized?  This provision hinders the County Clerk from speaking out about any irregularities in an election and hinders him from being able to do the job for which he was elected.

This bill requires every County to purchase and use computer voting systems (Section 10).  This is in direct opposition to the will of the People.  Each County should have the right to determine if they want to continue using these machines or not.  Just this past week, two Colorado Counties have banned the use of computer voting machines as they obviously consider them to be unreliable.  Among those in my circles, I have not talked with ANY who have confidence in the use of computer voting machines in our elections.  None of us have any confidence in them.  If the legislature wants to engender confidence in the People regarding the reliability and security of the upcoming 2022 election, this is NOT the way to do it.  Requiring that these machines be used will only further erode the confidence of the People in our election systems.  

This bill will forbid County personnel from making a back-up image of the hard drive of any component of the voting system (Section 11).  It is the County Clerk's responsibility to preserve election data for 22 months.  Making it illegal for the Clerk to make a back-up copy of the data interferes with his ability to do his job.  He should be allowed to keep a back-up in case something happens to the original data.

This bill will effectively remove citizens' control of elections in that the Secretary of State will have the power to overrule County Canvass Board's refusal to certify election results (Section 13).  If a County has gone to the effort of canvassing precincts and gathering data and has discovered evidence of actual election fraud, it should not be within the Secretary of State's power to dismiss that information as irrelevant.  The main job of the Secretary of State is to protect the integrity of our elections, not to actively enable fraud to continue by sweeping data gathered by County Canvass Boards under the rug.

For these and many other reasons, I respectfully ask that you vote NO on SB22-153.

Respectfully Yours,

[insert name here]

OPINION about What we can do:

I set up four separate lists -- House Republicans, House Democrats, Senate Republicans, and Senate Democrats -- in my email, composed the letter, and sent it to all of the lists.

When I asked Tim Geitner about contacting those in Denver, he said to contact everyone -- Democrats included, not just Republicans.  If Democrats don't hear from us, they think there is no opposition.  So I sent an email to EVERYONE.

CRITICAL INFO ABOUT SB22-153, please ACT!: SB22-153


From: Vote Peter Lupia <votepeterlupia@protonmail.com>

Sent: Saturday, March 19, 2022, 12:19:25 AM MDT

Patriots, please see below for critical information regarding SB22-153. Many of you were present at the delegate candidate panels Thursday and Friday evenings and have requested additional information about how to take practical steps to STOP this atrocious bill. Contact EVERY legislator you can in the House (not just your district reps) starting THIS WEEKEND and demand they DO NOT vote for this bill. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE this information with everyone you know! See you all at Assembly bright and early!

Blessings, Peter Lupia

SB22-153 is being rammed through the State Senate and could get through the House and be on Polis’ desk to sign by the end of next week.  This bill is the MOST DANGEROUS GOVERNMENTAL OVERREACH IN MODERN COLORADO HISTORY.

Please take the time to go through the following information including talking points. We need for you to reach out by phone and email to State Senators and House Representatives as soon as possible to express your concerns. SHOW UP WHEN THEY ARE IN SESSION! You can identify your legislators by the following link:https://leg.colorado.gov/find-my-legislator


Bottom line: This can be rammed thru by end of next week.

Status: Heard in Senate State and Veteran Affairs Committee; Referred to Senate Appropriations (Friday 3/18 at 8:30 AM); Potentially in the State House on Monday --- probably House State Veteran Affairs, then, to House Appropriations and to House Floor 24 hours after clearing House State Veteran Affairs. 2nd Reading on House Floor, as early as Tuesday or Wednesday. If any House amendments (unlikely) back to Senate. If no amendments, 3rd Reading in House 24 hours after 2nd Reading in House.

Text: https://leg.colorado.gov/sites/default/files/documents/2022A/bills/2022a_153_s_sa_01.pdf

Talking Points

This is tyranny grasping for absolute power - this bill is the most dangerous governmental overreach in modern Colorado history. 

83% of likely voters believe election integrity is a top issue

Among Democrats, 78% called it "important," including 52% who said, “very important.” 

And 84% of independent voters feel it is important, with 60% in the “very important" column.

They just introduced this bill (March 11), and it's racing ahead – referred out of State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee on March 15 into the Appropriations, scheduled for March 18 at 8:30AM

To think that something this radical could move through the process without the scrutiny of the people is crazy. 

Using unsubstantiated "threats" against her as a predicate, Griswold has hidden an END to citizen-oversight of elections in this bill. 

As much as she would claim otherwise, Jena Griswold's radical elections policy is not supported by the voters. 

For example:

- Seventy-four percent (74%) of voters say requiring photo ID to vote is a reasonable measure to protect the integrity of elections. Only 20% disagree. 

- Jena is a radical and SHE KNOWS that the voters don't support this -- that is why she is rushing to get this through before her election in November.

Numbers like those mean we need to carefully examine the policy:

Jena Griswold DOES NOT have a mandate on this issue. Consider:

Fifty-four percent (54%) of voters believe it is likely cheating affected the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, including 33% who say it’s Very Likely. 

ONLY Forty percent (40%) don’t think it’s likely the election was affected by cheating, and that is only because the mainstream media have refused to report on the mountain of evidence that has accrued in the last year

Wisconsin's House Speaker just admitted Wednesday (Mar 16) that fraud in WI was widespread - that makes GA, AZ, WI where public officials who previously denied election fraud claims have now had to walk back their statements

With those numbers on a topic this highly charged, prudence would suggest that the Secretary not make radical changes. This is completely radical.

The last time Griswold issued new election rule changes, calling it an "emergency" to prevent public comment, she was forced to hear public comment when she moved to make the changes permanent: Thousands of citizen affidavits in opposition, 100+ live citizen comments during the hearing - all in opposition - and 1000+ written comments were submitted. There was ZERO support for the rules.Griswold didn't show up, and she made the rules permanent with no response to or regard for the public and their consent.

The CO Attorney General just rubber stamps it all.

Colorado elections are already centralized, but this Bill centralizes any remaining power the counties might have:

Section 4 - Accelerates enforcement actions to be concluded within 30 days and no right to appellate review (review by Supreme Court is discretionary). This makes two tiers of law official: one standard for the Secretary, and another, tougher standard for anyone opposing her 

Section 5 - Allows Secretary of State or Coordinated Election Official to file verified petition for neglect of duty under CRS 1-1-113

Sections 6 and 7 - Require all election officials to be certified after indoctrination in courses provided by secretary of state.

Section 8 - Criminalizes speech by election officials that is critical of the administration of elections. Griswold is trying to criminalize truth-telling and whistleblowing by elections officials.

Section 9 - Restricts access to voting equipment (making it a crime for unauthorized persons to enter the voting system room). Authorized by whom? This is a centralization of power. It’s also rich that the person who destroyed CO election records, and who gets campaign donations from Dominion and other election vendors, wants to decide who CO citizens' elected county officials can have in the room.

Section 10 - Requires every county to purchase and use computer voting systems. This is a direct response to citizens realizing they can't trust the black box voting systems. Currently, the counties have the power to end the voting machines – Griswold wants to take that power away.

Section 11 - Forbids County personnel from making a backup image of the hard drive of any component of the voting system. This allows her to destroy election records. Griswold already destroyed most of the election records in the state. She wants to make it illegal to catch her again.

Section 12 - Requires 24-hour video surveillance of voting systems. It’s unclear who monitors and manages that video.

Section 13 - Allows secretary of state to overrule county canvass board's refusal to certify election results. This effectively removes citizen control of elections – this is lawless. 

Section 14 - Makes it a Class 1 Misdemeanor (penalty up to 18 months jail or $5,000 fine or both) to refuse to comply with rules or orders of the secretary of state.Under this section, the Secretary of State would have to go to jail for 18 months. She doesn't even follow her own rules – for example, she failed to follow her rules for the Risk Limiting Audit random seed – but laws and rules don't apply to Griswold.

Section 15 - Makes it a Class 5 Felony (punishable by 1-2 years imprisonment and fine of up to $100,000) to (1) violate rules of SOS regarding access to voting systems, or (2) facilitate unauthorized access to voting system or election night reporting system, or (3) publish passwords or other confidential information relating to a voting system. The District Attorneys and Attorney General have refused to investigate the evidence of Federal and state election law violations, but Griswold wants to make disobeying her a felony. Should we also avert our eyes when she passes?  Must we follow her name with "Long may she live?"  This is 1984 territory.

This is scary. The Secretary of State is moving to radically take the remaining county power away -- and she is doing it RAPIDLY.

We’ve been asking for our officials to follow the law – the Secretary wants to change the law because she already breaks them. This is a cover up! 

ACTION: Demand your legislators vote against this bill- call EVERY legislator you can! Show up at the Capitol when they are in session! More info on how, when and where -- coming soon! 

These are only opinions. Please take them or leave them.
We hope that the group can get feedback to make or change our minds and fill in the gaps.
It's the things in peoples hearts, words spoken in private, and gas lighting that can be difficult to discern.