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Steve Durham: Colorado State Board of Education-District 5

OPINION about Steve Durham:


OPINION about Steve Durham:

Incumbent. https://www.cde.state.co.us/cdeboard/steve_durham

OPINION about Steve Durham:


OPINION about Steve Durham:

If true, this statement in the following article is concerning: “At a meeting last month, Durham wondered about changing the law to allow the State Board to take more of the local board’s authority away.” This was in regards to Adams School District 14 which has been struggling with performance. I’m not sure on the details, but the state board of education got involved.


OPINION about Steve Durham:

Lobbyist and former legislator.

OPINION about Steve Durham:

“Durham is a critic of the Common Core academic standards that Colorado adopted. Although the standards were developed and adopted by states, Durham believes the federal government is enforcing them through mandates, including testing requirements.” From 2014 article: https://www.denverpost.com/2014/12/03/former-legislator-steve-durham-picked-for-state-board-of-education/

Gavin Rainey: Colorado State Board of Education-District 5

OPINION about Gavin Rainey:

There is very little information about Gavin Rainey on his website, electgav.com.  His three priorities are Mental Health, Parental Choice, and Student Advocacy.  He is still a student in High School.  According to his answers on the Ballotpedia website, he thinks he is qualified for this position because of his experience with the education system.

Also on the Ballotpedia website, he lists "trailblazers in the Republican Party such as Richard Grenell (first openly gay Cabinet member)" as the first of four people he looks up to.

He is endorsed by Joseph Shelton, who is apparently also running for State Board of Education, and who is openly gay and an outspoken supporter of LGBTQ+ issues.

This is enough information for me to look elsewhere for a better candidate than either of the above.

OPINION about Gavin Rainey:


OPINION about Gavin Rainey:

Attended D20 schools. Currently attends Liberty High School.

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